The 2016 Worlds are at Cowes during the Cowes Classic week

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St Rapheal 25-27 March

The first event of the year is at St Raphael

Win for Christian Spranger & Christpher Kopp (GER 1128)

Win for Kujan Herbert & Kujan Christian (GER 1187)

Win for Kujan Herbert & Kujan Christian (GER 1187)

Spiez & Thun
Double win for Christen Cornelia Christen Ruedi (SUI 1122)

Int. Osterr Staatmeisterschaft
Stefan Erlacher & Christian Wöhrer  (GER 1149) won the Int. Osterr Staatmeisterschaft at Attersee
Frist Austrian boat Andreas Polterauer & Thomas Kainz (AUT 1188)

International Tempest

50 Years of Tempest

In 2015 the Tempest celebrated the 50th year since Ian Proctor built the first Tempest for the Olympic trials and is still a great boat to race and have fun in.

The International Tempest Association have published this document [TEMPEST: 50th anniversary]

English Version German Version

The Tempest is a one design two man high performance keelboat with a trapeze.  It was designed by Ian Proctor for the 1965 trials for the new Olympic Keelboat, which it won convincingly.

The class has since progressed with the times, including a new deck and cockpit layout and changing the construction from GRP to a foam sandwich. In the last few years the rules have allowed a bigger spinnaker, longer spinnaker pole and the use of epoxy resin in the construction of the hull.

Boats for Sale

If you are wanting to join the tempest family or just change your boat the link below is the latest list of boats for sail

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